Adhesives & Tapes

We sell a wide variety of adhesives and tapes, suitable for any task around the home or office. We have available clear tape, double sided tape, masking tape, packing tape, printed tape and more besides. We also have a large selection of adhesive glues available for purchase online including PVA glue, spray mount adhesives and multi purpose adhesives/glue. Click here for our full adhesives section. Stick with Office Spot when it comes to buying adhesives and tapes for the home or office.

Best Sellers

Different adhesives and tapes are essential to a whole host of office functions. It is important to have a plentiful supply of adhesive tape and there are a number of different varieties that ought to be represented in your stationery cupboard or post room. We stock all sorts of different tapes including basic transparent tape, double sided tape, drafting tape and more heavy duty forms of adhesive tape.

We also stock glue products such Glue guns, pritt stick glue sticks, blue tac amd copydex PVA glue, which can be found under glue products.