Drywipe Boards


Dry-erase boards which are also known as whiteboards are one of the most popular presentation supplies used in classrooms, offices and boardrooms for presentation.

Types of Whiteboards

Whiteboards are made up of a variety of materials such as enamel, lacquered steel and melamine. Melamine whiteboards are a good choice for home use and requires regular cleaning. For moderate users, lacquered steel whiteboards are suggested, it has an exceptional erasability and comes at a competitive price. Enamel whiteboards are for the advanced user and can efficiently withstand frequent use in the busy environment.

Another factor which might be helpful in selecting a whiteboard is choosing between a magnetic or non-magnetic whiteboard. While most of the whiteboards come with a magnetic surface which can be helpful to attach documents, graphs, etc.


You can choose whiteboards in a variety of sizes depending on your usage. For personal use small sizes are available in compact A4 or A3 size. For home office use medium size whiteboards are available ranging from 900x600mm to 1200x900mm while for classrooms, boardrooms or in a corporate office use large size whiteboards are available measuring 1800x1200mm to 2400x1200mm.

Recommended Brands

We stock an extensive range of Whiteboards from Q-Connect, Bi-Office, Nobo, Legamaster, Bic Velleda and many more.


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